New album out now - "Blue Moon In The Room". Includes the singles "Come On Don't Give It Up" and "One Dot Domino", with special guest violin from the amazing Bobby Valentino. Find out more at Music News

1. Come On Don't Give It Up
2. Muslim Parrot Breeder
3. Feel Like That
4. No Words
5. Sewn Up
6. One Dot Domino
7. Outside Of Dreams
8. Never Again Again
9. Someone Who's Not There
10. When I Go
11. Dust
12. I Won't Live That Long
13. Whether

An interview about recording gear, the future of live music and the making of the album "Blue Moon In The Room" with Chromatic Magazine in Spain.

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"Way Beyond The Sugar Beet"
The first album, including the singles "Regrets, Secrets" and "Oilseed Fields And Innocent Dreams"
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